Program Description

The CDL Straight Truck Certificate prepares learners to earn a Class B Commercial Driver License (CDL). As a Class B professional truck driver, learners will be responsible for the safe, efficient delivery of goods between locations. Learners will spend time behind the wheel learning how to maneuver trucks into tight parking spaces, through narrow alleys and into different unloading scenarios. Learners will develop backing and driving skills through classroom, lab, range and roadway experiences. Communications with fellow drivers, dispatchers, shippers, mechanics and law enforcement personnel will also be covered. In addition, learners will learn how to complete the necessary paperwork and appropriate inspections. Learners will learn skills to obtain certifications needed for a Class B CDL, as well as advanced skills and driving habits to ensure safety. Those successfully completing the program will have obtained a Class B Commercial Driver License (CDL).

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Approximate Program Cost

Tuition & Fees: $969
Books & Supplies: $130

Financial Aid

Not Available
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This program requires proof of a Federal Medical (FedMed) card, which is issued after you complete a Department Of Transportation (DOT) physical with a registered, certified medical examiner. Students will also be subject to pre-enrollment drug and alcohol screening, as well as random, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident screening. Certain industries do not require a Federal Medical Card. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles for further information.


Graduates will be able to…

  • Adhere to safe Class B truck driving operating procedures
  • Explain advanced operating practices of a Class B vehicle
  • Explain Class B vehicle systems and reporting malfunctions
  • Comply with non-driving activity activities of Class B vehicles
  • Perform basic Class B Truck Driving Operations


Some of the potential careers graduates can pursue are:

  • Septic Truck Driver
  • Non-Emergency Fire Truck Driver
  • Garbage Truck Driver
  • Milk Truck Driver
  • Dump Truck Driver


The Straight Truck (CDL Class B) Certificate is a 5 credit program. The following is a typical semester breakdown of the courses within the program.

Class B CDL 1 3.00
Class B CDL 2 2.00
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  • This program is currently offered at NTC’s CDL Training Center at 1204 W. Taylor St. in Merrill, WI.
  • In order to obtain a commercial driver’s license after completion of this program, you will be required to provide proof of legal status or citizenship.
  • Maintaining a valid and clean driving record is important for your success in this industry.
  • There are other costs that may be associated with this program, including: Federal Medical Card ($80-150), Commercial Learner Permit Fee ($21), Drug & Alcohol Screening ($65), State CDL Exam Fee ($150).

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