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Claudine will present the following sessions: 

Professional Presentation: From Risk to Resilience: Building Your Response to Youth Sex Trafficking

This session will focus on common sense ways caring adults and service providers can be a part of the solution in responding to youth sex trafficking.

In this session, participants will: 

  • Know 3-5 effective practical options to assist youth who might be or have been sex trafficked from prevention to exiting
  • Identify 3-5 strategies in creating a welcoming environment for youth to open up to adults about youth sex trafficking and recognize opportunities for engaging youth
  • Learn how to focus on strengths and resilience in youth who’ve been trafficked

Intended audience: This session is appropriate for social services, educators, advocates, law enforcement, mental health and medical providers, clergy and congregations, and attorneys.

Community Presentation: Teens Who’ve Been Trafficked Do Want Help! Find Out What You Can Do.  

You might have heard that teens who are trafficked push away and resist efforts to help them. But it’s not true for many youth advocates. Learn what teens who’ve been trafficked have asked for and how you can help.

Intended audience: This session is appropriate for anyone interested in increasing their knowledge and understand of youth sex trafficking. 


About the Speaker

ClaudineClaudine has been involved in organizing work around youth and the sex trade for over twenty-five years. Claudine was a founder of the Young Women’s Empowerment Project in Chicago and served as the Director of the group. Claudine now works as an independent consultant with programs throughout the Midwest to build their capacity and understanding to effectively and respectfully respond to people dealing with the sex trades and many complex experiences. She also directs a nonprofit organization, Represent, building the leadership of teens with life experience in the sex trades and the streets. Claudine has a BA from Northeastern Illinois University through University Without Walls focused on Critical Pedagogy and lives in Milwaukee.


Each session is $20 (Lunch or snacks are provided)


2 CEUs or CLEs are available

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Cancellation Policy

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Rachel Alwin

Rachel Alwin

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Rachel provides coordination for the Continuing Education team for conference, workshop, and seminar offerings.