Change and uncertainty are all around us. It impacts us personally and professionally. We often forget about our own personal development. We strive to grow our businesses and our communities but without growing from the inside out we sometimes feel trapped. What are we doing to move from a management mentality to a more synergistic leadership style? If we are to lead by example, what are we showing our teams that inspires, motivates and sustains? Relationships, partnerships and successful business deals are created through intentional leadership. Join this session for a guided self-assessment on where potential leadership gaps may exist and tips on advancing your skills.

Cost: $39

Once enrolled, you will receive your NTC login with access to the class.  You will be able to watch the 3 hours of videos on-demand.


Todd Kuckkhan

Besides being a member of the NTC Workforce Training and Professional Development team, Todd is a certified speaker, coach, teacher and trainer for the John Maxwell Team and is also a Maxwell DISC trainer and consultant.