Friday May 21, 2021 6:00pm-9:00pm
Topic: There's No Sign For That, and Vice Versa

Often, there isn’t one sign for a specific word, so you need to be able to create a sign string to convey the meaning and intent. This workshop will focus on the strategy of creating and incorporating “sign strings”  and ASL “faceting” to deal with complex ideas and concepts and will review a body of ASL vocabulary generally considered “un-translatable.” We’ll investigate the meaning of the sign and learn how to brainstorm the most appropriate word or words for different situations.

Saturday May 22, 2021 8:00am-4:00pm
Topic: Interpreting Standardized Tests

Interpreting standardized test items presents unique and difficult challenges for classroom interpreters. Because no two interpreters will sign questions the same way, the standardization of the test presentation is at risk. That being understood, this workshop will explore several strategies for dissecting test questions and answer choices in order to ease the task of translating content into ASL.


Friday, May 21 and Saturday, May 22 will be conducted on Zoom for in-person virtual instruction. 




NTC is an approved RID CMP sponsor for continuing education activities. This Interpreting Standardized Tests program is offered for 1.5 CEUs at the Professional Studies Content Knowledge Level. In order to get CEUs/college credit, the participants are required to do online assignment via Canvas after the workshop finishes.

Meet the Presenter: Donna Flanders

Donna Flanders graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a degree in Interpretation for the Deaf in 1991 and immediately relocated to Georgia to become an educational interpreter in the metro-Atlanta area.  Donna has taught numerous professional enhancement workshops specifically designed for ASL learners and working interpreters and has also had the pleasure of presenting at several RID national-level conferences. For 14 years, Donna served on staff at the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf in Clarkston, Georgia, interpreting for the staff and faculty, but also worked on special interpreted projects related to the education and language nutrition of Deaf children. Donna holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, a master’s degree in Interpreting Pedagogy, national certification as an interpreter and transliterator, and can currently be found working as an interpreter educator at the University of South Florida, Tampa.  As a seasoned professional and interpreter educator working in the field for over 31 years, Donna looks forward to meeting you and supporting you wherever you may be on your journey.