Develop your own personal leadership model to achieve both peak performance AND happiness using recent developments in neuroscience and technology.  Apply the learnings to your individual goal as you build out your personal leadership model.  We begin by identifying your most common sources of negative emotions, including stress, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, avoidance, procrastination, insensitivity, or discontent. We then review a practice focused on powerful tools to shift out of the negative state into a positive state. When in a positive state, challenges are resolved easily with a clear and calm mind.  Finally, learn how to activate the powerhouse tools of empathy, curiosity, and clear-headed, laser-focused action to accomplish your individual goals in effective and sustainable ways.  

This three hour workshop will be an overview of the complete Positive Intelligence system and will provide insight to identifying sources of negativity, how we shift those to the positive, and tools to use emotional intelligence as a foundation for leadership practices. 


$59 - light refreshments provided

3 CEUs

Meet the Instructor: Ursa Swensen

Ursa SwensenUrsa provides customized solutions to the workplace to transform organizations and teams from good to great. Ursa brings 30+ years of experience and training in coaching, personal/leadership development, embodiment, wellness, and business analysis to provide a powerful transformation for your organization/team.