This seminar will be presented in three parts.  The first two will be videos of pre-recorded talks while the third will be a live Q&A session. 

Part 1 (90 minutes) – Understanding the various dynamics involved in the exploitive experience are critical for team members and providers to learn when working with survivors of trafficking and exploitation. One of the most complicated dynamics to comprehend is the relationship between an identified survivor and exploiter. This training will help individuals from various disciplines better understand the tactics utilized by exploiters and the complex dynamics that are not always visible between survivor and exploiter.

Part 2 (90 minutes) – This training takes our Part 1 training to the next level by discussing treatment interventions and strategies. The varying complex needs to address coercive bonding are addressed to assist case managers, clinicians, and other direct service providers in treatment endeavors with survivors of trafficking and exploitation.

Part 3 (60 minutes) - Live Q&A with Administrative Ascent 121 Clinical Staff Member


$39 - lunch provided

3 CEUs available

Meet the Presenter

Dr. Hanlin, Ph.D., HSPP is a licensed psychologist, certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and is credentialed in working with sexually maladaptive and traumatized youth. Dr. Hanlin received his Doctoral Degree in Psychology from Indiana State University and has over 35 years of clinical and administrative experience specific to sexual trauma and more than 10-years experience working with survivors of human trafficking. He has provided consultation for the Indiana Department of Child Services with standard practice development for trafficked youth and participation in the Marion County Task Force on Sexual Abuse. Dr. Hanlin has authored a number of publications and is a well-renowned speaker both locally and nationally