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Disability Services

Northcentral Technical College (NTC) provides accommodations that allow students with disabilities to fully participate in the technical college environment. Disability Services (DS) works individually with qualified students.  DS approves and provides reasonable accommodations to ensure equal access to all programs. We also support students through a variety of other non-mandated services to encourage successful completion of their education. Requests for services are voluntary. Disclosure of this information will not affect a student’s enrollment status, placement into programs, classes or financial aid.

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Accommodation Request
If this is your first time requesting accommodations at NTC, click here to review the accommodation process or click here to complete the Accommodation Request Form.

Renew Current Accommodation Card
If you're a returning student that was previously approved for NTC accommodations and you need to renew your card, click here.  Your Accomodation Card is valid from July 1st through June 30th.

Join First Year Experience
Is this your first year at NTC?
As a First Year Experience Student you will:
  • Meet a dedicated advisor regularly to address questions and concerns
  • Access Special Events
  • Create a personalized road map for your first year
  • Explore and gain knowledge in your chosen career
  • Build relationships with fellow NTC students and faculty
  • Ensure your path to success
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Meet the Disability Services Team

meet the team
Connect with us to have all of your important questions answered!
Wausau Campus Room C167
Phone: 715.803.1469
Fax: 715.301.2469
Email: DS@ntc.edu

Disability Services Procedures/Guidelines

disability guidelines
Click here to view the procedures and guidelines for disability services.

E-text Request/Accessible Books

accesible books
This accommodation allows a student to “listen” to books or class material with either text–to-speech (TTS) software or with speech-output equipment. Click here to request E-Text.

Testing Accommodation Request

alt testing
Accommodations can be provided for a variety of testing situations at NTC including admissions, program and GED testing. Click here to learn more about alternative testing and/or to request this accommodation.
Click here to request for testing with accommodations.

Accessible Classroom Material

This accommodation allows a student to obtain lecture material and/or classroom handouts in an accessible format that best suit their needs.  This may consist of receiving an accessible copy of the lecture notes or being able to record the class lecture.

Click here to request Accessible Classroom Material
Click here to borrow equipment for the semester (digital recorder, smartpen, etc...)

Assistive Technology

student info
Click here to view a list assistive technologies.


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