Ever wondered what happens after you give a blood sample or a swab at the doctor's office? That's where medical laboratory technicians step in. Medical laboratory technicians perform clinical laboratory tests to help determine a diagnosis. 

Second year medical laboratory technician students from Northcentral Technical College (NTC) recently had the opportunity to compete in the poster contest at The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science – Wisconsin State Convention.  

The convention is for medical laboratory scientists and medical laboratory technicians. Attendees competed in a quiz bowl style competition against eight other teams, answering questions about their field of study. NTC’s team competed hard and came in second place.  

During the convention, students attended a variety of educational seminars. They were able to choose the ones they felt they would be the most interested in. They also had the opportunity to meet other students and to network with people in the field. 

The convention also includes a poster contest. NTC instructors encouraged students to participate, and all five of the students in the medical laboratory technician program chose to compete. For the contest, students are required to come up with a medical related case study and do research. They then had to come up with a creative design for their poster, following strict criteria on the requirements for the final product.  

There were 12 entries in the contest, and NTC students took first and second place. Staci Kamke placed first for her poster on hereditary hemochromatosis, and Jessica Swan placed second for her poster on Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Other entries included Justin McCullough’s poster on managing DIC after viper envenomation, Lindsey Mielke’s poster on Hantavirus, and Cassi Irish’s poster on Legionnaire’s Disease. All students worked hard and created excellent posters.  

“We were very proud of their success, and I think they were proud of themselves at the end of the convention,” said Cory Sullivan, Medical Laboratory Technician and Phlebotomy Program Director.  

To learn more about the medical laboratory technician associate degree program at NTC, visit: www.ntc.edu/academics-training/programs/all/associate-degree/medical-laboratory-technician