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Keep a Safe and Secure Environment

Anyone can file a report to have an incident investigated by NTC’s Behavior Intervention Team, an interdisciplinary team that serves as a central network focused on assisting students in the maintenance of their mental and physical health during the pursuit of their academic goals. The team works to identify, assess, manage, and reduce risk so students, faculty, and staff can thrive in a safe, secure learning environment, free from threat.

NTC strives to protect the confidentiality of anyone who files a report, whenever possible. It is also possible to submit a report anonymously by omitting the reporter's name and contact information from the form, however, this may restrict the team from completing a thorough investigation.

File a Report 

Members of the Behavior Intervention Team

Dan Jacobson

Director of Security

Shannon Livingston

Shannon Livingston

Dean of Student Success

Shawn Sullivan

Shawn Sullivan

Director of Student Development

Paul Clarke Profile Image

Paul Clarke

Faculty, Criminal Justice