Services and Assistance

The NTC Wausau campus has Campus Security Officers on duty during campus operating hours. The Campus Security Department consists of 10 part-time officers, an assistant director, and a full-time director. The Campus Security Office is located in room C-157 of the Wausau campus.

The Safety and Security Department functions as a highly trained and service orientated division of the College by continually improving and offering various assistance programs.

NTC Campus Security Contact Information

Campus Assistance and Emergency Help

  • Officers are trained in CPR, basic first aid and personal safety
  • Assist in emergency situations
  • Provide battery jump starts: signature and ID required
  • Provide campus patrol
  • Complete routine safety and security inspections
  • Provide personal escort services
  • Respond to and make emergency notifications
  • Investigate all criminal and non-criminal incidents on campus
  • Manage campus parking
  • Manage tobacco use on campus
  • Lost and Found
  • Unlock vehicles with keys locked inside

Drugs & Alcohol

NTC adheres to goals and policies geared toward providing an alcohol/drug-free educational environment.

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Lost and Found

The Campus Security Department documents and maintains custody of all lost and found items. To inquire about or recover lost items you can stop at the Security Office at C-157 or contact the office at 715.803.1111. If you find lost property, call Security to request that an officer retrieve the property from you, or bring the property to the Campus Security Office. If you lose or misplace property please report the loss by calling or stopping at the Security Office. Items are generally kept for one year.

Safety Tips

  • Report all crimes and/or suspicious activities to the Campus Security Department
  • Lock your vehicle and keep personal items out of sight
  • Know your surroundings
  • Call Security if you would like a personal escort to or from your class or vehicle
  • Never leave your personal items unattended

Emergency Messaging

NTC has an internal and external messaging system to warn people in the event of a crisis at the college. If the internal messaging system is activated it will broadcast over the internal phone system and loudspeakers what the emergency is and what instructions to follow. If the external phone system is activated participants will be notified by e-mail and their personal phones of the crisis and what instructions to follow. The data base for the external system is built based on the personal information provided to Students Services when the student enrolls at NTC. It is encouraged that students provide their personal telephone information when they enroll and keep it updated in the event it changes.

Incident Reporting

The Campus Security Department encourages all employees and students to report any criminal or suspicious activity to your Campus Security Office. Security personnel will document the incident and determine if local police involvement is required; however, Security personnel will always notify the police if requested to do so by the student, faculty, or staff member.

Reporting a Crime

To report a crime, you should contact NTC Campus Security direct at 715.803.1111. In an emergency situation Dial 911 for the appropriate emergency services. In most instances, crimes should also be reported to NTC’s Campus Security Department. This office will in turn contact the Wausau Police Department for investigation and follow-up. If a crime occurs off campus it should be reported to the police or sheriff’s department having legal jurisdiction for that area.

All elevators are equipped with emergency telephones.

Report A Crime 

Location Identifiers

All doorways at NTC are marked with the room number (e.g. C-177). In the event of an emergency or if you need assistance and you are unsure of where you are, use the room number to provide your location to Campus Security and Emergency Services.