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Your experiences during the first year of college will help shape your academic success and social involvement in the campus community. To help you succeed, we’ve created a unique program that’s available to anyone starting college at NTC. The First Year Experience program is a personalized roadmap for your first year of college that includes a student engagement plan, academic support and dedicated advising to ensure you are on the path to success.

Your Personalized Roadmap

When you choose to join the First Year Experience program, your advisor will help you map your plan for success. As a part of your roadmap, we’ve included three components that we know will help you be successful as you begin college.

Engagement Plan

Choose the campus events that interest you to engage with the campus community. Events may include student life activities or program–specific social events, job and transfer fairs, speaker presentations, student leadership workshops or financial aid workshops. There are also opportunities for you to join one of NTC’s many clubs or to connect with an NTC student ambassador through our EAGLE program.

Academic Support

Map out your program courses and the additional courses that will help you be successful during your first year of college such as time management, study skills and stress relief.

Dedicated Advising

Meet with your dedicated advisor for the First Year Experience program, at least twice each semester to address questions and concerns.

Get Started

Contact your program advisor or call 715.803.1797 to make an appointment and get started. During that appointment, your advisor will help you map out your plan for the year and set up your advising schedule.

Contact Your Advisor