The Industrial Manufacturing Engineering Technician Technical Diploma is a 17 Credit program. The following is a typical semester breakdown of the courses within the program.

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Credit for Prior Learning Available

OSHA Compliance (10449105)


Reviews Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance. Covers the history, mission, employee/employer rights, compliance process, violations/citations and penalties. Top OSHA compliance violations will be discussed and compared to leading workplace injuries. The final capstone project will involve conducting a simulated mock OSHA inspection of a workplace. From this base knowledge the student will be able to initiate and/or evaluate OSHA compliance in a work setting.

NTC Assessments Offered:

Manufacturing Processes (10623175)


Explores the selected methods used in industry today to develop raw materials into the parts used in a range of products. The learner will analyze what the various machines and processes are and how they are used, not on how to operate the machinery.

NTC Assessments Offered:

Project Management (10196188)


In Project Management, learners apply the skills and tools necessary to design, implement and evaluate formal projects. Each learner will: understand the importance and value of managing projects, assume the role of a project manager, develop a project proposal, use relevant project management software, work with project teams, establish the proper sequence of tasks, chart progress, respond to variation and changes, develop a budget, direct resources and manage a project through its life cycle.

NTC Assessments Offered:

College 101 (10890165)


Examines proven strategies designed to help learners achieve greater personal, academic, and professional success. Learners will apply personal responsibility thinking and behaviors; self- management, awareness, and motivation strategies; as well as interdependence skills to develop a proactive life plan.

NTC Assessments Offered:

Workplace Ergonomics (10623125)


Examines the history of ergonomics along with the human factor when developing processes in the workplace. The learner will analyze lifting operations and office ergonomics.

NTC Assessments Offered:

Lean Manufacturing Fundamentals (10623147)


Analyzes the eight wastes of manufacturing. The learner will then explore concepts such as 5S, Total Productive Maintenance, Kanban, Value Stream Mapping. The learner will be given activities to implement concepts in their work setting.

NTC Assessments Offered:

Operations Management In Manufacturing (10623205)


Examines the practices and procedures that businesses utilize to manage their systems to ensure the highest level value to their customers.  Operations management focuses on the managing of materials, processes, and labor to ensure efficiency and productivity in adding value and creating profit.  This course will explore the concepts of value, performance metrics, competitive advantage, benefits of technology, forecasting, capacity, utilization of resources, and logistics.

Test-Out Option Term Definitions


An exam that is scored by faculty or staff in NTC’s Testing Center.

Skill Demonstration

A performance of your expertise that is evaluated by faculty.

Combination: Test & Skill Demonstration

A combination of both a test and a skill demonstration.


A collection and explanation of your past learning through work or life experience.

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