Earn credit for your previous learning and acquired skills through credit for prior learning, a process that allows NTC to grant you course credit for knowledge and skills gained through a variety of previous educational, work, volunteer, military, independent study, corporate training and life experiences that is equivalent to NTC coursework.

You can earn up to 75 percent of the credit needed to complete an associate degree, technical diploma, or certificate.

You can complete the credit for prior learning process in a few easy steps by demonstrating your skills or submitting your documentation to us.

We will review your information and determine if you can be granted credit for your prior learning. You will know if you can receive credit typically within one to three weeks.

Benefits of Credit for Prior Learning

Applying for credit for prior learning instead of taking a class is beneficial because it will allow you to:

Save Money

Earn credits at a fraction of the cost of standard tuition.

Save Time

Earn your degree faster by demonstrating prior learning and eliminating the need to enroll in and complete every course in your program.

Keep Coursework Relevant

Advance your learning by enhancing the skills that you have acquired and knowledge that you have gained, rather than reviewing the things you already know.

Types of Credit for Prior Learning

There are several ways to obtain credit for prior learning:

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit may be earned when you transfer from another institution to NTC.

Military Service Credit

Military service credit can be earned based on learning obtained through courses you completed and military occupations held during your service.

National Exams Credit

We can award you credit based on your scores for nationally-recognized exams.

Work/Life Experience Credit

You can earn credit by demonstrating your ability to meet the competencies of courses that you haven’t attempted in the past.