The Manufacturing Basics Technical Diploma is a 9 Credit program. The following is a typical semester breakdown of the courses within the program.

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Explores the selected methods used in industry today to develop raw materials into the parts used in a range of products. The learner will analyze what the various machines and processes are and how they are used, not on how to operate the machinery.

NTC Assessments Offered:



Introduces the importance of metrology in the manufacturing industry. Learners will investigate different measurement systems and procedures used to control measurement processes. Learning activities will include hands-on measuring activities, Gage R&R, and developing calibration procedures. In addition, learners will examine automated metrology and its application in the Smart Manufacturing environment.

COLLEGE 101 (10890165)


Examines proven strategies designed to help learners achieve greater personal, academic, and professional success. Learners will apply personal responsibility thinking and behaviors; self- management, awareness, and motivation strategies; as well as interdependence skills to develop a proactive life plan.

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In this course, you will be involved in the in-depth examination of manufacturing materials related to the ultimate design decision involved in part and product design. You will learn the principles and theory of the methodology of material selection, the properties of materials, the structure of materials and specific materials and their function in product application.



Explores the foundational skills needed to read and interpret industrial prints. Beginning with the basics, the learner progresses in a logical order through orthographic, pictorial, assembly, section and auxiliary views of products. In addition, you will learn how to interpret part dimensions and tolerances. Emphasis is also placed on title blocks, change blocks and shop notes and symbols. The symbols of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing are introduced.

NTC Assessments Offered:
Industry Credentials Accepted:
  • Youth Apprenticeship Certificate

Test-Out Option Term Definitions


An exam that is scored by faculty or staff in NTC’s Testing Center.

Skill Demonstration

A performance of your expertise that is evaluated by faculty.

Combination: Test & Skill Demonstration

A combination of both a test and a skill demonstration.


A collection and explanation of your past learning through work or life experience.

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