The Marketing - Digital Marketing Promotions Technical Diploma is a 17 Credit program. The following is a typical semester breakdown of the courses within the program.

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Incorporates an overview of contemporary social networking sites. The learner sets up, monitors, and measures a social media campaign. The learner examines how businesses embrace social media platforms to connect with consumers and increase awareness. Additionally, the learner explores the history and development of social media sites, along with analyzing the ethical and potential legal concerns that have arisen over this communication medium.

NTC Assessments Offered:



Explores the latest marketing communication practices, known as integrated marketing communications(IMC), including an overview of major media such as broadcast, print, direct, digital, public relations, and promotions. The learner will create an IMC project using the latest IMC concepts.

Prerequisite: 10-104-172 MARKETING PRINCIPLES.



Introduces the marketing student to the program exit assessment portfolio. The portfolio will be a combination of projects from each of the marketing core classes. This course will also include how to succeed in online learning, frequently asked marketing program questions, improved study habits and exploration of NTC services for students.

Condition: Must be enrolled in the Marketing Associate Degree, Digital Marketing Associate Degree, Marketing-Digital Marketing Promotions Technical Diploma, Marketing-Digital Internet Marketing Technical Diploma or Marketing Basics Certificate.



Introduces an understanding of basic marketing fundamentals. The learner will explore consumer demographics, lifestyles and decision making; evaluate product distribution; promotions and price planning. The learner will create a Strategic Marketing Plan combining the components listed and develop a presentation.

NTC Assessments Offered:
Industry Credentials Accepted:
  • CLEP® Principles of Marketing



Explores effective ways to generate sales, acquire new customers, increase brand loyalty and drive traffic to your website or business through email marketing. The learner identifies the benefits of email marketing, creates an email campaign strategy, and measures the results. The learner identifies how to integrate social media and mobile marketing into an email campaign and learns how and why email should be a tactic within an overall marketing plan.

Prerequisite: 10-104-172 MARKETING PRINCIPLES, or with instructor's consent.

NTC Assessments Offered:



Explores content marketing, which is the foundation of a marketing strategy. The learner will develop, organize, analyze, and measure the effectiveness of content marketing, write compelling copy using effective keywords while keeping search engine optimization in mind across a variety of online platforms.

NTC Assessments Offered:

COLLEGE 101 (10890165)


Examines proven strategies designed to help learners achieve greater personal, academic, and professional success. Learners will apply personal responsibility thinking and behaviors; self- management, awareness, and motivation strategies; as well as interdependence skills to develop a proactive life plan.

NTC Assessments Offered:

Test-Out Option Term Definitions


An exam that is scored by faculty or staff in NTC’s Testing Center.

Skill Demonstration

A performance of your expertise that is evaluated by faculty.

Combination: Test & Skill Demonstration

A combination of both a test and a skill demonstration.


A collection and explanation of your past learning through work or life experience.

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