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At NTC, we seek to provide an education that is meaningful and relevant to you. That’s why we strive to create new programs that meet learner, business and market needs.

New for 2019–2020

Interested in a program that’s new for the 2019–2020 school year? Apply now or contact our admissions team at

A cosmetologist styles her client’s hair.

Cosmetology Technical Diploma

The Cosmetology program includes theoretical and practical instruction to develop skills in the following areas: basic and specialty haircutting; perming, coloring, and chemical relaxing; manicuring, pedicuring, and nail application, and more.
A gas utility worker checks the pressure of a system.

Gas Utility Construction & Service Technical Diploma

Highly skilled professionals in the utilities industry are needed to install, maintain, and operate natural and propane gas distribution systems used to supply residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
Teacher helping a student

Foundations of Teacher Education Associate Degree

The Foundations of Teacher Education Associate Degree program prepares learners to work directly with students under the supervision of a licensed teacher.
Students working with a robot

Automation Systems Technology Associate Degree

The Automation Systems Technology Associate Degree prepares learners to work with integrated machine systems that involve industrial automation, robotics, mechanics, computers, industrial communications and/or electronics technology.
People working on computers

Cybersecurity Specialist Associate Degree

Prepares learners to protect and defend critical IT infrastructure and data. This program is for learners who enjoy experimenting with technology and solving complex abstract puzzles.
Coaches strategizing

Sports & Recreation Management Associate Degree

Sports and Recreation Management includes the skills and knowledge earned in business leadership; finance, sales, risk management administration, marketing, promotion, and event coordination.

Coming Soon

The following programs are in development and subject to change. If you're interested in one and want to know as it becomes available, contact our admissions team at

Human Resources Associate Degree

The Human Resource program provides a well-rounded study in the Human Resources profession within the context of the fundamentals of business organization, finance, management and related studies.

Paralegal Associate Degree

The Paralegal Associate Degree prepares learners to draft and interpret legal documents; select, compile and use technical information; analyze and resolve legal procedural problems; and recognize and manage potential ethical conflicts.