At NTC, we seek to provide an education that is meaningful and relevant to you. That’s why we strive to create new programs that meet learner, business and market needs.

New for 2020–2021

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Liberal Arts Transfer Associate Degree

The Liberal Arts Transfer program serves students who wish to earn an associate in arts (AA) or associate in science (AS) degree and/or who intend to transfer to a four-year university.
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Sports & Recreation Management Associate Degree

Sports and Recreation Management includes the skills and knowledge earned in business leadership; finance, sales, risk management administration, marketing, promotion, and event coordination.
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Civil Engineering Technology Associate Degree

The Civil Engineering Technology Associate Degree program is perfect for those with a desire to build the roads, highways, airports and utility solutions of tomorrow. Learners will be fully prepared to support Civil Engineers in the delivery of projects.
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Human Resources Associate Degree

The Human Resources Associate Degree program provides a well-rounded study in the Human Resources profession within the context of the fundamentals of a business organization, finance, management and related studies.
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Paralegal Associate Degree

The Paralegal Associate Degree prepares learners to draft and interpret legal documents; select, compile and use technical information; analyze and resolve legal procedural problems; and recognize and manage potential ethical conflicts.

Industrial Automation Technical Diploma

The Industrial Automation Technical Diploma is for technicians seeking basic automation skills. This diploma focuses on introductory skills necessary to function in the automation workplace.

Coming Soon

The following programs are in development and subject to change. If you’re interested in one and want to know as it becomes available, contact our admissions team at

Data Analytics Associate Degree

The Data Analytics Associate Degree program will prepare learners to map, interpret and strategically use data as it is used across several sectors. Learners will identify data patterns and relationships, map data across different sources, create databases and reports, apply statistical tools, practice problem solving and strategic thinking, and utilize technology to meet tactical objectives related to data.

Law Enforcement in the 21st Century Associate Degree

The Law Enforcement in the 21st Century Associate Degree program is designed for public safety professionals or individuals seeking to enter the field, including police officers, corrections officers, and dispatchers.

Veterinary Technician Associate Degree

The Veterinary Technician Associate Degree program will prepare learners with the skills necessary to provide medical and nursing care for a variety of animal species including dogs, cats, cattle, birds, pigs, small mammals, horses, and reptiles.