As a college, NTC believes in and promotes an inclusive environment that celebrates, embraces and respects individual differences. We support all students, regardless of how they come to us, and we strive to create a campus culture that ensures every student has the opportunity to be successful.

Support for Students

We take a broad approach to diversity to include ethnic and racial backgrounds, veteran and military status, disabilities, income levels, experience, background, geography, gender equity of non-traditional occupations and more.

Diversity services for students includes events related to diversity topics and overall support of an inclusive environment across all NTC campuses. This may be accomplished through:

  • Promoting activities that help build leadership skills
  • Encouraging participation in family events hosted by NTC
  • Highlighting events related to financial literacy
  • Coordinating focus groups
  • Referring students to appropriate NTC and community resources
  • Checking in with students on how things are going
  • Raising awareness through NTC Library topical research guides


Contact, Chris Munson, the Director of Advising and Student Success. Chris guides, advocates, and empowers NTC learners to achieve their educational, personal, and professional goals. She assists in connecting students with campus and community resources while she leads the Student Success Advisors and helps coordinate Diversity Services for the college.

Chris Munson

Christine Munson

Director of Advising and Student Success