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This information is intended to be a guideline only. It is not a guarantee of actual costs. Please check with partner college for specific information.

Tuition Cost and Credits


School Tuition Transfer Scholarships*
Alverno College $16,080.00/semester  
American Public University


$250.00/credit for military-affiliated students

Military-affiliated grant – for U.S. active-duty service members and their spouse/dependents, Guard, Reserve and veterans.  All NTC graduates receive a Technology Fee Waiver, saving students $50.00 per undergraduate course.
Ashford University $475.00/credit (on-line)  
Bryant & Stratton College No Information Provided by College  
Bellevue University $415.00/credit (on-line) First term grant for full time NTC graduate = $2000.00, First term grant for part time NTC graduate = $500.00
Brescia University $425.00/credit plus $50.00 online course fee  
Cardinal Stritch University $15,899.00/semester

- $7000.00/semester for students with GPA 3.0 or higher

- $6000.00/semester for students with GPA above 2.5 to 2.99

- $1500.00/semester for PTK members

Capella University $336.00 - $411.00/credit  
Chamberlain College of Nursing $675.00/credit 10% tuition discount
Colorado State University $350.00/credit, tuition with discount is $315.00/credit NTC graduates receive a 10% tuition discount
Concordia University $596.00/credit  
Ferris State University $421.00/credit  
Franklin University $526.00/credit $200-$2000/year
Grand Canyon University $470.00/credit NTC employees and graduates will receive a 10% tuition reduction.
Herzing University Nursing = $395.00/credit
Business = $580.00/credit
IT = $590.00/credit
Lakeland University – on-line courses $505.00/credit 10% tuition discount applies to any NTC associate degree graduate who is either a PTK member or a graduate with a 3.0 or higher GPA.
Lakeland University – day courses $13,805.00/semester (12 to 18 credits) $12,000.00 Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
Marian University - $450.00/credit (Adult Programs)
- $13,475.00/semester (12 to 18 credits)
NTC graduates will receive a 10% tuition reduction.
Metropolitan State University $297.46.00/credit  
Michigan Tech University (NTC graduates in applicable programs) $15,346.00/year United States Scholarship
*Reentry Michigan Tech students are not eligible for in state tuition. (Minimum 3.0 GPA required for in-state tuition scholarship) Award value for 2018-19 school year is $18,080 (the difference between resident and non-resident tuition)
Milwaukee School of Engineering $13,013.00/quarter $8,000-$10,000/year
Mount Mary

$15,275.00/semester for full time students

Nursing program tuition rate is $540.00/credit

Full time students can receive an academic scholarship up to $12, 500.00.  $1500.00 Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship.
Northern Michigan University (nonresident) $677.00/credit

Transfer National Academic Award:
*$5,600.00 annual scholarship awarded to transfer students with a 3.0 or higher GPA.  Additional scholarships between $1000 and $3000 are available to students with GPA between 3.0 and 4.0

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Award: $500.00/year for PTK members transferring directly to NMU

Northland College $35,988.00/year Academic Scholarships ranging from $16,00.00 to $22,000.00/year

Achievement Scholarship: $1000.00/year Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship: $2000.00/year
Ottawa University $324.00/credit The Ottawa University Transfer Advantage-students receive a $175/credit tuition discount, which equates to $324/credit.
Pennsylvania College of Technology $23,880.00/year (out of state) $3000-$10000/year
Purdue University Northwest Hammond $9,996.00 for all upper level nursing courses $1000.00 automatic scholarship applied. Tuition rate $264.59/credit
Rasmussen College $209.00-$260.00/credit with an additional 10% discount to NTC graduates  
Rasmussen College Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Subscription-Based Pricing
Pay $4,250 per six-month term and complete as many courses as you want in each six-month term (17 courses total).

Finish in 2 terms for $8,500

Finish in 3 terms for $12,750

Siena Heights University – Online $530.00/credit, plus $35.00/credit eLearning fee  
Silver Lake College – day courses $27,800.00/year $1000-$4000/year
Silver Lake College – adult courses $560.00/credit $1000/year
South Dakota State $361.00/credit  
Southern Illinois University $9,638.00/year  
University of Louisiana – Monroe $400.00/credit  
University of Minnesota – Mankato $299.10credit  
University of Minnesota-Moorhead $239.00/credit plus $55.61 for online learning fees  
Upper Iowa University $454.00/credit

Effective fall 2017: 20% tuition discount will be awarded to all NTC associate degree graduates with a 3.0 or higher GPA.

10% tuition discount will be awarded to any student who earned college credits from NTC

Viterbo University $13,640.00/semester  
Viterbo University (On-line & Adult Programs) $470.00/credit  
Western Governors (flat term rate) $3190.00 (12-18 credits) 5% tuition discount & 2000 year
UW-Eau Claire (includes fees) $367.53/credit $400-$1000/year
UW-Green Bay (includes fees)

$328.26/credit/credit with $25/credit for online courses

BSN@HOME Collaborative fee is $452.00/credit

UW-La Crosse (includes fees) Visit: for details Visit: for details
UW-Madison (includes fees) $487.48/credit  
UW-Marathon (includes fees) $197.93/credit  
UW-Milwaukee (average) (include fees) Visit: for details Visit: for details
UW-Oshkosh (include fees)

$317.55/credit (tuition plateaus from 12- 8 credits)

$360/credit for online programs

UW-Parkside (include fees)

Visit: for details

UW-Platteville $326.92/credit  
UW-River Falls $333.92/credit  
UW-Stevens Point (include fees) $343.31/credit  
UW-Stout (include fees)


Visit: for more details

Transfer Scholarship: $1000-$2500 for students with 3.0 or greater and between 24-90 credits

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship: $1500-$2500 to qualified students

Visit: for more details

UW-Superior $338.58/credit  
UW-Whitewater (include fees)  

Visit: for details

UW-Wood County (include fees) $197.93/credit  

* Other scholarships may be available. Check with partner college for specific information.