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Apply the skills and tools necessary to facilitate team development and effectiveness, solve complex problems, pinpoint the root cause of conflict, and resolve issues between team members. Each learner will demonstrate the application of the benefits and challenges of teamwork, perform the necessary roles in a team, facilitate the stages of team development, conduct conflict resolution, evaluate potential causes of a problem, develop multiple approaches to problem solving and decision making, exhibit the ability to build consensus and commitment, utilize a systematic approach to defining and solving problems and implement various methods for evaluating results based on established criteria and metrics.


Class # Start Date End Date Mode Location
23782 Lecture Wausau
23036 Lecture Virtual College
23043 Lecture Virtual College
23003 Lecture Computer Conferencing
23004 Lecture Computer Conferencing
23005 Lecture Computer Conferencing
23006 Lecture Computer Conferencing
23007 Lecture Computer Conferencing