The Surgical Technology program uses a competitive admissions process. The petition process is how you gain acceptance into the core classes for these health programs.

Petitioning happens only during specific times during the year, but applications are accepted for programs with petition requirements at any time. When you are ready to get started in program specific courses and have met petition eligibility requirements, you will submit a petition and follow the process for your program to determine admittance to program classes.

Petition Pre-Requisites

To be eligible to petition, you must be enrolled in or have completed any petition prerequisites for your program.

Ready to Petition?

The petition process happens each spring. To begin the process you will need to complete the online form. The online form will only be available on this page during the times listed below. 

Next petition form available: TBD

What’s Next?

We’ll review your form submission and make sure you meet all of the petition requirements. Students will be mailed a letter outlining admission status and next steps.


Email or call 715-803-1645.