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Want to save money by taking your Gen Eds here and transferring to another institution? Looking for a class to take while home for the holidays or summer vacation? Need a subject-area brush up? The School of General Studies offers a full breadth of general education courses that transfer to our four-year college partners, allowing you to truly start here and go anywhere.

If you have questions or would like to register for a course, please contact Xang Lee, Transfer Specialist, at or 715.803.1618.

Several people sit at a table having a conversation with coffee. Two men smile and reach across the table to bump knuckles.

Communication Courses

Learn how to organize your writing, give a great speech, critically analyze sources, and effectively communicate via various modes and to a variety of audiences by taking one of our communications courses.
A woman smiles standing in front of a chalkboard full of math equations

Mathematics Courses

From fundamental concepts to complex topics, our mathematics course offerings address a wide spectrum of topics: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, measurement, data, statistics, mathematical business applications, symbolic logic principles, and Calculus.
A glowing atom

Physical Science Courses

Study non-living systems and natural objects through our physical sciences offerings focused in the disciplines of chemistry, physics, and nanotechnology.
Molecules connected together

Biological Science Courses

With courses in anatomy, physiology, biology and more, NTC’s biological sciences offerings will engage you in the study of living organisms, their life cycles, adaptations, and the environment.
A patient is sitting down in a chair talking to a therapist with a pen and pad in her hand

Behavioral Science Courses

Learn about human cognitive processes and behavioral interactions within the natural world through our offerings in the behavioral sciences.
Two people stand singled out in the center of a crowd filled with hundreds of people

Social Science Courses

Covering social sciences and economics, Social Science courses give you the opportunity to learn more about human society, social relationships, and societal institutions and functions through courses in sociology, diversity, ethics, and economics.


Course Name Course Number Credits
English Composition 1 10801136 3.00
Introduction to Mass Communication 10801141 3.00
English Composition 2 10801155 3.00
Written Communication 10801195 3.00
Oral/Interpersonal Communication 10801196 3.00
Technical Reporting 10801197 3.00
Speech 10801198 3.00
Workplace Communication 31801368 1.00


Course Name Course Number Credits
College Mathematics 10804107 3.00
Intermediate Algebra w/Apps 10804118 4.00
Math w/Business Applications 10804123 3.00
Math & Logic 10804133 3.00
Introductory Statistics 10804189 3.00
College Algebra w/Apps 10804195 3.00
Trigonometry w/Apps 10804196 3.00
Calculus 1 10804198 4.00
Calculus 2 10804199 4.00
Applied Math 31804305 2.00

Physical Science

Course Name Course Number Credits
Nanotechnology 10806131 2.00
Emerging Technologies Capstone 10806132 2.00
General Chemistry 10806134 4.00
Survey of Physics 10806139 3.00
College Physics 1 10806143 3.00
College Physics 2 10806144 3.00
General Physics 1 10806154 4.00
Intro to Biochemistry 10806186 4.00
Applied Physics 32806303 3.00

Biological Science

Course Name Course Number Credits
Body, Structure & Function 10806110 3.00
General Biology 10806114 4.00
Biotechnology 10806130 2.00
Gen Anatomy & Physiology 10806177 4.00
Adv Anatomy & Physiology 10806179 4.00
Microbiology 10806197 4.00
Applied Microbiology 31806311 2.00

Behavioral Science

Course Name Course Number Credits
Exceptional Person 10809138 3.00
Abnormal Psychology 10809159 3.00
Tolerance and Inhumanity 10809170 3.00
Developmental Psychology 10809188 3.00
Intro to Psychology 10809198 3.00
Psychology of Human Relations 10809199 3.00

Social Science

Course Name Course Number Credits
Think Critically & Creativ 10809103 3.00
Intro to Ethics: Theory & App 10809166 3.00
Intro to Diversity Studies 10809172 3.00
Economics 10809195 3.00
Intro to Sociology 10809196 3.00
Marriage & Family 10809128 3.00