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In Lean Organizations, learners apply the skills and tools necessary to enhance company performance and profitability by identifying and eliminating waste throughout all business processes. Lean is a work smarter, not harder, approach that allows an organization to produce more while utilizing fewer resources. Many traditional approaches to business processes require excessive inventory, repetitive tasks, wasted materials, scrap and rework and misappropriated human and other resources. Each learner will: identify and practice Lean Solutions by completing learning plans that cover Lean Operations, Value-stream Mapping, 8 Wastes, 5S Workplace Organization, Set-up Reduction, Cellular Flow Design, Lean Culture Development, Value Chain Management, Kanban Systems and Total Productive Maintenance.


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22977 Lecture Computer Conferencing
23031 Lecture Virtual College
22973 Lecture Computer Conferencing
22974 Lecture Computer Conferencing
22975 Lecture Computer Conferencing
22976 Lecture Computer Conferencing