Scholarships help you fund your education by providing financial assistance that can be used to pay for tuition, books and other school-related expenses. The two categories of scholarships available to NTC students are NTC Foundation scholarships and external scholarships.

NTC Foundation Scholarships

Applying for NTC Foundation scholarships is a great and effective way to offset the cost of attending college. You only need to fill out one application to become eligible for the hundreds of scholarships available through the NTC Foundation.

High school seniors may also qualify for the NTC Promise, an initiative that provides free college tuition for graduates within NTC’s district. If you meet the proper criteria, the cost of tuition and fees will be covered by donated funds, after federal and state financial aid (excluding loans and work-study) and scholarships have been applied.

Foundation Scholarship Information

External Scholarships

Organizations outside of NTC also provide scholarship opportunities for students. Some applications are turned into the NTC Financial Aid office directly, while others are submitted to the organization offering the award.

External Scholarships Information