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Scholarships help to change lives and provide promising futures for NTC students. Approximately 83% of NTC students receive financial aid each year, and scholarships can help students reach their educational goals by providing assistance toward the cost of tuition, books and school-related expenses.

Scholarships Pay Off

Students who take the time to apply for and receive scholarships are more likely to succeed in their academics. Of those students receiving scholarships during the 2014-15 school year, 75% graduated within two years, while 100% of 2014-15 scholarship recipients who received $2,100+ in scholarship dollars were employed within their field within 6 months of graduation. Overall, more than 620 scholarships are awarded annually to NTC students, totaling nearly $400,000.

Types of Scholarships

The two types of scholarships available to NTC students are NTC Foundation scholarships and external scholarships. Only one application is needed to apply for all NTC Foundation scholarships, while external scholarships need to be submitted individually are reviewed and awarded by organizations outside of NTC on a case-by- case basis.

Foundation Scholarships

The NTC Foundation’s scholarship program plays a vital role in providing funds that enable our students to pursue their educational goals. Many individuals, groups, organizations, and foundations make these scholarships possible.

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External Scholarships

Most scholarships will be turned into the organization you are applying to. Some will be turned into the NTC Financial Aid office directly. Scholarships are listed by program area and application due date. Please review applications for further detail.

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“The scholarship award gives me an opportunity to earn skills that will help me succeed in the agriculture field. I know that to achieve great things in life, you have to have a dream and the ambition to get there…It is with your support that I will be able to achieve my goals and be in a position to give back to students myself someday.”

Casey Pietz, Dairy Science, Agri-Business & Office Assistant student
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