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The NTC leadership team includes the President, Executive Leadership Team and Deans who work collaboratively to serve the College and its learners.

Executive Leadership Team

Dr. Lori A. Weyers

Dr. Jeannie Worden

Executive Vice President

Dr. Darren Ackley

Vice President for Learning

Dr. Vicki Jeppesen

Vice President of College Advancement

Roxanne Lutgen, MBA JD CPA

Vice President of Finance and General Counsel

Dr. Chet Strebe

Associate Vice President of Information Technology/Chief Information Officer

Rob Elliot

Associate Vice President of Facilities Management

Katie Felch

Associate Vice President of Marketing, Public Relations & Legislative Advocacy

Cher Vink

Associate Vice President of Human Resources

Learning Leadership Team

Dr. Chris Severson

Dean, School of Engineering & Technology

Brooke Schindler

Dean, School of General Studies and Alternative High School

Brooke provides leadership to the Alternative High School, the School of General Education and Adult Basic Education teams.

Dr. Vicky Pietz

Dean, School of Agricultural Sciences

Greg Cisewski

Dean, School of Advanced Manufacturing & Transportation

Sara Gossfeld-Benzing

Dean, School of Public Safety

Marlene Roberts

Dean, School of Health Sciences

Brad Gast

Dean of Business & Industry and Continuing Education

Brandy Breuckman

Dean, Business, Community Services & VC

Board of Trustees

The Northcentral Technical College District Board of Trustees has nine members representing the NTC District. They are appointed during an early spring meeting by the District county board chairpersons and approved by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board.

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