If you receive a federal student loan, you will be required to complete both entrance and exit counseling. This ensures that you understand the responsibilities you are assuming, and provides important information as you prepare to pay back the money you borrowed.

MPN & Loan Entrance Counseling

Before receiving your loan request, you must first complete your Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Loan Entrance counseling. This counseling is meant to inform you of your rights and obligations as a borrower.

The MPN is a legally-binding contract between you and the U.S. Department of Education, and includes the terms and conditions, such as how and when repayment is expected.

Loan Exit Counseling

When you graduate, drop below half-time enrollment status or leave school, Loan Exit Counseling is required. This process provides key information that will prepare you to repay your federal student loans.

In addition to your counseling session, you will also fill out an online form that will be forwarded to NTC, notifying us that you’ve completed your exit counseling.

Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement (ASLA)

The Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment provides federal student loan borrowers information on student loans and how borrowing will impact their financial future. It is recommended you complete an Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment each year you accept a new federal student loan. The Acknowledgement is optional for subsidized, unsubsidized, Parent PLUS and Graduate PLUS loans.

The purpose of the ASLA is to help students and their families make informed choices regarding paying for higher education. During the online session, you will see how much you have borrowed, estimated monthly payments and learn about basic federal loan concepts.

You can expect to gain the following insights after completing your ASLA session:

  • A more detailed understanding of your current federal student loan debt.
  • The knowledge needed to make an informed choice before agreeing to borrow additional money to finance your education.
  • A clearer understanding of your financial obligation based on estimated monthly payment calculations compared to the median salary you can expect to earn after graduation.
  • A breakdown of basic loan concepts such as interest accrual, capitalization and the difference between private and federal loans which will help you better understand your repayment plan options.

How Do I Complete the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement (ASLA)?

Log in to your Federal Student Aid account using your FSA ID and password to access and complete the ASLA.