Several Northcentral Technical College (NTC) programs require pre-requisite courses to be completed prior to enrolling in program-specific courses. Previously called “petition” or “petitioning,” beginning in the Spring 2024 semester this process will now be referred to as “declaration.”

Declaration only happens during specific times during the year, but applications are accepted for programs with declaration requirements at any time. When you are ready to get started in program-specific courses and have met declaration pre-requisites, you will declare and follow the process for your program to determine admittance to program classes.

Beginning for program admission for the Fall 2024 semester, NTC updated admission requirements for these programs to align with Wisconsin Administrative Guidelines. Once all program specific pre-requisite requirements are met, students are awarded seats based on residency status and pre-program application date at the time of declaration. NTC district residents and students with earlier pre-program application dates have priority over students with later program application dates or who are outside of the NTC district and/or residents outside of Wisconsin.

A waitlist will be developed for those students who met admission requirements but were not offered a program spot due to capacity limitations. Students on the waitlist will be given priority in the next term students are admitted for their chosen program and are required to notify NTC if they would like to remain on the waitlist.

All declaration correspondence will be sent to your NTC student email.

To learn more about each program’s capacity, which terms they begin new program students, pre-requisite requirements and, if required, minimum cumulative HESI score, see the Program Declaration Process page specific to each program: