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Important Announcements & Dates

The 2018–2019 FAFSA is now available and covers the Summer 2018, Fall 2018, and Spring 2019 terms.

Here are some important tips for anyone getting ready to complete the FAFSA.

  • Apply for an FSA ID at The FSA ID allows you to sign the FAFSA electronically.
  • Have tax returns and other records of other income available while you complete the FAFSA. You should have the following items for you and your parent(s), if applicable, on hand when you prepare to complete the FAFSA:
    • 2016 income tax return and W2s (if you are applying for the 2018-2019 academic year)
    • 2016 Untaxed Income Records, such as child support or veterans non education benefits
    • Information on savings, investments, business assets and farm assets (if applicable)
    • Driver’s License (if you have one)
    • Social Security Number
    • Alien Registration Card or Permanent Resident Card (if you are not a U.S. citizen)
    • Date of birth for parents, and month and year of parents’ marriage, divorce or separation

If you have any questions about the FAFSA process, contact our office immediately.

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool   The IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) will enhance the privacy of applicant and parent IRS tax return information. It pulls information directly from the IRS, so manual entry errors are eliminated. The Data Retrieval Tool can also save students and their families time on the back end if they are selected for verification. Data Retrieval Tool provided information is already verified, so the verification process is much faster and easier if the applicant has used the DRT.

What is an FSA ID?

The FSA ID allows students and parents to identify themselves electronically to access FSA Web sites.

An FSA ID is made up of a username and password and can be used to log into FAFSA on the Web.

The FSA ID is the fastest way to sign your FAFSA application and have it processed. It is also the only way to access or correct your information online, or to pre-fill a FAFSA on the Web application with information from your previous year’s FAFSA.

How to Create an FSA ID Guide (PDF)

This brief video tutorial explains how to establish your FSA ID.

Financial Aid Award Posting

What you need to know:

  • Watch myNTC accounts for FALL and SPRING awards.
  • Accept/Decline financial aid through myNTC. Complete Entrance Counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for loans at
  • Additional loans may be requested at>Current Students>Financial Aid>Loans, “Additional Loan Request form.”  If you request more than your eligibility allows, the loan will be certified to your maximum eligibility. The interest rate for subsidized and unsubsidized loans with a first disbursement on or after 7/1/17 to 6/30/2018 is 4.45%.

Book Voucher Creation Begins…

SPRING Book Voucher creation begins on Monday, December 4. You must have financial aid in excess of the cost of your tuition/fees to charge books against your financial aid.

Spring Disbursement of Financial Aid

During the weeks of February 12-16 and 19-23, Financial Aid staff will be working on the disbursement and refund process. Staff availability will be limited.

For All Students:

Student loans that are borrowed for a single payment period (one semester) will be split between two equal disbursements. The first disbursement can be made at the beginning of the semester while the second disbursement cannot be made prior to the midpoint of the semester.

This means that half of any accepted spring loans can be disbursed according to the normal disbursement schedule. The other half cannot be released until the midpoint of the semester, which is the week ending March 30. If for some unexpected reason a student were to drop below half-time enrollment (have fewer than 6 enrolled credits) on or before March 30, the second half of their student loans would be cancelled.

Please Note: If you have a Federal student loan balance of $0 you are considered to be a first-time borrower. NTC is required to disburse loans to first-time borrowers no earlier than 30 days after the start of classes. Although the spring disbursement schedule indicates that loans will be released during the week ending February 16, you can expect to receive loan funds no earlier than the week ending March 2 or later (based on your start date), provided that other eligibility requirements continue to be met (i.e. enrollment in 6 or more active credits at that time).

For Late Start Students:

Financial Aid awards for late start students are based on the number of credits a student has on the initial day the student enrolled in classes. For example, a late start student enrolls in two 3-credit classes today, then adds two 3-credit classes the next day. Their financial aid award will only be based on the two 3-credit classes in which they enrolled on their initial day of enrollment.

Financial aid funds are disbursed no later than 14 days after the first day of class that a student is scheduled to attend. If a grade of NS, W, or F is posted for a student or if a student receives a 100% or 80% refund, a student's financial aid award may be reduced accordingly.

For Virtual College Students:

Effective with the Fall 2017 semester, disbursement for all types of financial aid will begin 30 days after a student's start date, provided that academic activity has been confirmed in their flexible online courses. Students are able to purchase books and instructional materials from the Campus Store with a Book Voucher before the scheduled refund dates. Although VC courses are flexible-start, flexible-deadline courses, students are still expected to regularly participate and adhere to their individual Plan for Completion for each course. Pending financial aid will be reduced prior to disbursement for any classes that have NS (No Show) or F grades entered due to no activity.

If your first class for Spring 2018 begins on or before January 31 AND you have demonstrated academic activity in your classes, you can expect financial aid (grants and loans) to be disbursed the week ending March 2. If your classes begin on a later date, funds will be released accordingly after the 30-day point.

Please read the Financial Aid Guide for important information regarding your financial aid.

Important financial aid notices are sent primarily through email. Check your email regularly!

Questions? Contact us at Best wishes for a great semester!

Spring 2018 Disbursement Dates & Book Voucher/Charging Schedule

2018 Spring Semester
Financial Aid Disbursement Calendar
Disbursement Date Type of Financial Aid
Please Note: Following February 23, there will be 1 disbursement per week of Pell, other grants, and loans every Thursday.
Virtual College:  Please see information above.
February 16
Loans Only
February 23
Pell, Other Grants, and Loans
March 2
Loans for first-time borrowers.
March 30
Second disbursement for one-semester loans.
2018 Spring Semester
Book Voucher/Charging Schedule
Financial Aid Book Charging Spring 2018 Vouchers Expire
Please Note: Book Vouchers expire prior to running the following week’s financial aid refund process to avoid any late Campus Store charges that may not get deducted before that week’s financial aid refunds are processed and distributed to students.
FromMonday, December 4 @ 8:00 am toFriday, February 9 @ 5:00 pm Saturday, February 10 @ 12:00 pm
FromWednesday, February 14 @ 5:00 pm toFriday, February 16 @ 5:00 pm Saturday, February 17 @ 12:00 pm
FromThursday, February 22 @ 5:00 pm toTuesday, February 27 @ 12:00 pm Wednesday, February 28 @ 12:00 pm
FromThursday, March 1 @ 5:00 pm toTuesday, March 6 @ 12:00 pm Wednesday, March 7 @ 12:00 pm
FromThursday, March 8 @ 5:00 pm toTuesday, March 13 @ 12:00 pm Wednesday, March 14 @ 12:00 pm
FromThursday, March 15 @ 5:00 pm toTuesday, March 20 @ 12:00 pm Wednesday, March 21 @ 12:00 pm
FromThursday, March 22 @ 5:00 pm toTuesday, March 27 @ 12:00 pm Wednesday, March 28 @ 12:00 pm
FromThursday, March 29 @ 5:00 pm toTuesday, April 3 @ 12:00 pm Wednesday, April 4 @ 12:00 pm
FromThursday, April 5 @ 5:00 pm toTuesday, April 10 @ 12:00 pm Wednesday, April 11 @ 12:00 pm
FromThursday, April 12 @ 5:00 pm toTuesday, April 17 @ 12:00 pm Wednesday, April 18 @ 12:00 pm
FromThursday, April 19 @ 5:00 pm toFriday, April 20 @ 12:00 pm Saturday, April 21 @ 12:00 pm

We’re Partnering With BankMobile

Higher One, the company who was processing all financial aid refunds is now BankMobile Disbursements.

What does this mean for current students?

For current NTC students all Higher One accounts will seamlessly transition to BankMobile Vibe effective on June 1, 2016. No action will be required on your part! There will be no change in your account number and you do notneed to get a new bank card.

You can also now get cash off-campus without paying any fees at Allpoint ATM locations including: Target, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, and more! For a complete list of BankMobile Vibe ATMs, visit the Allpoint network ATM locator at


What does this mean for first-time students?

If you are a newly matriculated student who has applied for financial aid and enrolled in classes, you will receive a selection kit in the mail (look for the green envelope) from BankMobile Disbursements once you are accepted into a financial aid eligible program and enrolled in classes. You must have a U.S. address on file in order to receive a selection kit. The selection kit contains a letter which includes a personal code.

Once you receive your Refund Selection Kit, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your unique Personal Code
  3. Select how you’d like to receive your money
  4. Complete your profile

On Demand Personal Code

Students can generate their own personal codes on to initiate the refund selection process. The student will enter a few key pieces of information that will securely identify the student and get the refund selection process started.


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