NTC’s distance learning contracts provide high school students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credits.

Students are able to complete NTC courses instructed by NTC faculty without ever leaving their high school building with the use of interactive television (IVC).

Contracts for course work are written between NTC and participating high schools and/or distance learning networks that your district may be a member of. NTC offers a variety of introductory courses for students to choose from that are also transferrable to other institutions. Courses are scheduled according to your district’s bell schedule and start and end dates typically correspond with your district’s schedule as well.

Interested in taking a course that is not currently offered in NTC’s Distance Learning Course Catalog? Not a problem! NTC is willing to work with districts to offer courses as Distance Learning on a schedule that works for your district and students.


Have Questions?

To learn more about NTC’s Distance Learning Contract options, please contact Dina Kilinski.

Dina Kilinski

Dina Kilinski

Career Services & Youth Apprenticeship Manager

Dina coordinates the high school Youth Apprenticeship (YA) program and works with employers and students to offer career services.